The 2011-2030 Water Management Plan is available here, online, by selecting any of the titles listed below, in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file format (to download a free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader click here). The links identify the title of the document and the size of the file. Be aware that not all computer systems may be capable of handling the larger file documents. If you have difficulty and need assistance please contact June Davis at 954-4665

The following links allow you to open or download the complete plan and plan appendix. These files are best if you wish to have a complete electronic version of the plan on you computer or if you plan to print the plan in its entirety. These links can also be used by professional printing services to make paper copies of the plan.

2011-2030 Water Management Plan Complete (190Mb)

2011-2030 Water Management Plan Appendices Complete (9Mb)

The following are links to individual Plan elements including Executive Summary, Table of Contents- Introduction and Chapters. These files are smaller and should be manageable for most computer systems to handle.

Plan Executive Summary (15Mb)

TOC & Introduction (1Mb)

Chapter 1 - Regional Water Planning Policies and Criteria (578Kb)

Chapter 2 - Water Resources (70Mb)

Chapter 3 - Water Purveyors (12Mb)

Chapter 4 - Wastewater and Watershed-Based Water Quality Planning (22Mb)

Chapter 5 - Flood Management and Storm Water Drainage (62Mb)

Chapter 6 - Population Forecast and Projections (9Mb)

Chapter 7 - Water Conservation Plan- Efficient Use of Water (802Kb)

Chapter 8 - Cost and Financing (500Kb)

Chapter 9 - Issues and Action Plan (691Kb)

The following are links to individual Plan Appendixes. Similar to the individual plan elements these files are smaller and should be manageable for most computer systems to handle.

Appendix A - Chapter 531 Statues of Nevada, 2007 (329Kb)

Appendix B - Truckee Meadows Water Authority's 2011 Water Management Plan (6Mb)

Appendix C - Glossary (305Kb)

Appendix D - Source Document List (229Kb)

Appendix E - Washoe County Question #3 (245Kb)

Appendix F - Preliminary Assessment Reports for TMWA and WCDWR Integration (2Mb)

Appendix G - Truckee Meadows Water Authority Rule 7 (843Kb)

Appendix H - Findings and Recommendations Regarding Landscape Ordinances (237Kb)

Appendix I - Implementation of Programs Regarding Outdoor Watering (240Kb)

AppendixJ - 5-Year Capital Improvement Projects List (256Kb)